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Cheshire Homes India, Lucknow supports disabled children, adults and aged people in Lucknow, India. It is part of the international Leonard Cheshire Disability network that supports over 21,000 people and works in 52 countries
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The Cheshire Home welcomes Dr and Mrs Parvodaya Gupta to the Cheshire Home The Cheshire Home welcomes Dr and Mrs Parvodaya Gupta to the Cheshire Home Fraternity.
Avinash from BBD University celebrated his Birthday with the residents of Cheshire Home today. He was accompanied by his sister. May God Bless Avinash with all good things in life.
The members and residents of Cheshire Home Lucknow bid farewell to Ms Suksham Arora who has been a member of Cheshire Home Lucknow since 1996. She has been a very caring member who has made a very notable contribution. She was instrumental in starting the Candle and the Condiment (Masala) projects. She had attended a workshop on “Quality care and Multiple Disabilities” at Dehradun in 2001. She is very caring, loving, soft spoken; generous whose contribution has been praiseworthy. She and her family are relocating to Chandigarh for domestic reasons. She has promised to be associated with the Cheshire Home Lucknow. We wish her all the best and GOD speed. The Cheshire Homes Lucknow will miss her immensely.
Members of the Cheshire the Home
Generous donors and volunteers constitute the Cheshire Home Family as "Members of the Cheshire Home". Continued support of the members and donors make all the programs of the Home possible.

We thank the Members and donors for their generosity and continued support.

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We Believe
That people with disabilities should be able to achieve their full potential and enjoy the maximum opportunity to determine every aspect of their own lives That every human being is entitled to engage in productive labor with dignity and respect.
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Our Mission
Is to promote the care, general well being and rehabilitation of people with physical, mental or learning disability. We exist to change attitudes to disability and to serve disabled people around the world.
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Cheshire Home Address:
107 A South City,  Lucknow - Rae Bareilly Road,
Lucknow - 226025, U.P. INDIA
Tele: + 91 (0) 522 244 - 0950
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